Our Services

We focus on 1960's and 70's GM muscle cars and Corvettes.
Many of the services listed below can also be applied to a wide range of automobiles.

  • Our specialties include 
    • Engine bays
      • Restoration
      • Engine removal, cleaning and repainting
      • Wiring harness replacement and repair
    • Performace improvements
    • Mechanical repairs to
      • Brakes
      • Suspension
      • Steering
    • Interior restoration, including
      • Dashboards, consoles, and trim
      • Dash wiring
      • Seat refurbishment
      • Stereo installation

Feel free to call and discuss your exact needs and what we do to ensure the timely and successful completion of the work.  In the meantime enjoy the Before and After examples of our work below.

 Before  After

GM big block as removed from car
Restored to factory specification, complete with correctly numbered distributor,  date-coded spark plug wires, rebuilt original starter motor, and much more

Impala engine bay restoration
Included high performance rebuild of original 327 ci engine, all new suspension components, and lowering of car

'70 Chevelle SS dash carrier replacement
Note removal of small gauge and '80s vintage radio

Impala seat restoration
Materials exactly match the original cloth and vinyl seats

El Camino full interior restoration

 Restored to original Saddle color scheme

1968 Chevy dash panel replacement and factory gauge restoration project. And yes, the clock works too. 
1958 Mercedes Benz 220S.  Previous restorer stored car outside even though front fenders were bare metal.  

Years of rust were ground off.
Next the molding lines were laid out and body work can be started.
With the body work done and car in gray primer, we're off to the paint booth.

 Newly repainted and undergoing reassembly.

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