The nuts and bolts of who we are

RestoCraft began as a concept on Christmas Eve 2002 when I decided to apply years of experience in the automotive disciplines to restoring classic cars.  My love of cars began as a teenager with Saturdays spent walking among the Buicks, LaSalles, and Oldsmobiles in old junk yards and wondering what caused people to abandon such beautiful machinery.  That soon led to pulling motors, dripping with oil, and loading them into the huge trunks of what are now today's classic cars.  At the time those engines were destined as service replacements for the vehicles of family and friends.  True shadetree mechanics!

My first actual job as a mechanic came as a high school summer job performing front-end alignments and making suspension repairs.  Later, the skills gained from that service not only provided a means to pay for college but "drove home" my love of automobiles and the satisfaction gained from improving them.

The establishment of RestoCraft stemmed from those humble beginnings.

We are located in Wakefield, Rhode Island and are independently owned and operated. 

Call Rich at 401 742-nine8eight8

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